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    A Marketplace Built By Jewelers

    Built by jewelers, our marketplace will be sure to help your business grow. Whether you are selling wholesale or looking to buy, Verjet has features custom-made for the jewelry industry.

    No Subscription Fees, Ever

    We're not like most marketplaces. Verjet does not have any subscription fees, so being a member is completely free, always.

    Secure Payment Options

    We handle all credit card and transaction processing to pay vendors directly for every order. Our checkout offers retailers a variety of secure payment options such as Credit Card, ACH or eCheck, and Wire, or Cash/Check for in-person transactions.

    Financing Options for Retailers

    Verjet offers a variety of financing and Net Terms payment options for retailers who meet our criteria.

    Verified Vendors + Retailers

    At Verjet, we only partner with vendors and retailers we trust. Our verification process enables Verjet members a secure marketplace to buy and sell luxury goods.

    "Features Made for Wholesalers"
    Verjet can help your business grow to its full potential.
    "Easy Checkout, Hassle-Free Returns"
    Everything a retailer needs to stock up on high-quality items.
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    Special offers, deals, and news.

    650 S. Hill St. Suite 919 Los Angeles, CA 90014 Business Hours: 9.00 am to 8.00 pm (Monday to Saturday)