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A Marketplace Built By Jewelers

Built by jewelers, our marketplace will be sure to help your business grow. Whether you are selling wholesale or looking to buy, Verjet has features custom-made for the jewelry industry.

Your Gold Chain Destination

Shop our wide selection of domestic 10k, 14k, and 18k Gold Chains.

No Subscription Fees, Ever

We're not like most marketplaces. Verjet does not have any subscription fees, so being a member is completely free, always.

Secure Payment Options

We handle all credit card and transaction processing to pay vendors directly for every order. Our checkout offers retailers a variety of secure payment options such as Credit Card, ACH or eCheck, and Wire, or Cash/Check for in-person transactions.

Financing Options for Retailers

Verjet offers a variety of financing and Net Terms payment options for retailers who meet our criteria.

Verified Vendors + Retailers

At Verjet, we only partner with vendors and retailers we trust. Our verification process enables Verjet members a secure marketplace to buy and sell luxury goods.

"Features Made for Wholesalers"
Verjet can help your business grow to its full potential.
"Easy Checkout, Hassle-Free Returns"
Everything a retailer needs to stock up on high-quality items.
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